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Access to abstracts of most of the theses completed since 1997 for the M.A. program in Linguistics at the University of North Dakota.
Abstract: This study is an investigation into sociolinguistic variation in a second language. More specifically, it is an investigation into the extent to which speakers of English as a second language acquire particular features of the variety of English they are exposed to. The speakers in question are Polish migrants, and the
Abstract. This sociolinguistic diploma thesis focuses on the implementation of spelling reform in Austria. Practical research is based on the theory of language management. The thesis describes also developmental path to the spelling reform through the entire 20th century. The work aims to shed light on the issues and
Abstract of the Thesis. Gender and Class Roots of Language: A Sociolinguistic Inquiry of Bengali. Women in Kolkata. The present study explores the interrelationship of gender, language and social class in India, which has not yet been recognized or acknowledged adequately by Indian sociologists despite its multilingual
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GO TO PAGE. ANALYSIS OF CODE-SWITCHING AND CODE-MIXING AMONG. 08.04.2011 · DEWI, SUSANTI KOMALA (2009) Abstract This research aims to find the form of swearwords and the reasons of using swearwords movie manuscript. This research. Abstract sociolinguistics thesis
Language Shift and the Speech Community: Sociolinguistic Change in a. Garifuna Community in Belize. Abstract. Language shift is the process by which a speech community in a contact situation (i.e. consisting of bilingual ... The goal of this thesis is to examine the relationship between social and linguistic factors.
A Sociolinguistic Investigation of Two Hōrāni Features in Sūf, Jordan. Areej Mohammad Al-Hawamdeh. A thesis submitted for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy. Department of Language and Linguistics. University of Essex. January 2016
INTRODUCTION. This abstract presents the starting points of the PhD thesis entitled The influence of the sociolinguistic factors on the productivity in word-formation. In general, the thesis will consist of two parts. While the first part will introduce the theoretical framework, the second will focus on the research itself.
A thesis submitted to the University of Manchester for the degree ..... Abstract. This thesis explores the nature and the mechanisms of change of language prestige and language attitudes in two neighbouring Romance languages: Occitan and ... sociolinguistics sheds light on the evolution of the two minority languages and.

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